Why women need a creative outlet to survive

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Hustle, hustle, embrace the grind and don’t forget to relax whilst achieving all those goals. These are the all too common quotes popping up in your Instagram and Facebook feeds. But are we not in the era of only doing tasks that fulfil the soul? Seriously, who has time to embrace their creative side when the candle is being burnt at both ends?

Importance of creativity

We all know that activities that use the right side of your brain induce those feeling of wellbeing. With so many of us being so damn busy it is important to do activities that stimulate the brain in a different way. Doing something that you love, whether it be reading a book, going to the gym or doing a creative workshop are all forms of active meditation. This ultimately helps reduce your stress levels and takes you to a place where the running of your everyday life is a distant thought.

Feeling supported and uplifted

What better way to learn something new than to be in an environment that is supporting and uplifting. Often times we will find ourselves Googling or watching YouTube trying to master a technic that we just can’t quite grasp. This is where face to face workshops are such a great experience. You get your own teacher than can spend the time to work with you and develop your skills to the next level.

Breaking out of your friend circle

Many of us have been in the same friend groups for our whole lives and whilst this is stable and comfortable environment. Wouldn’t it be nice to meet other people who share the same interests as you? There are also many of us that have just moved to the Gold Coast and need to make some great new friends. What better way than to get involved in the ever growing hub of creatives on the coast. You never know who you will be having a wine with next week.

Why flower workshops

With the ever changing styles of the florist industry there is always something new to learn. During the past few years there has been a big shift in the floristry world to break free from the traditional shapes and styles. This in turn made way for far looser and gardenesque arrangements, with large flowers being the focus.

Workshops are great gifts

Workshops are the double whammy, they provide a gift that inspires creativity and reduces stress. The person receiving the gift can then take the skills learnt home and practice with a newly found confidence. This is what makes workshops a gift that keeps on giving.