Is buying seasonal flowers really helping the environment?

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With all the environmental talk these days,hold on haven’t we been talking about this for ages?. It is safe to say buying seasonal flowers is the best thing for the environment. But is it?

What is a flower run?

It is very rarely you will ever see a delivery person running with a luscious bunch of flowers. If you do it’s probably a guy who has got himself into some serious trouble and is trying to weasel his way out of it at a fast pace. Time is clearly of the essence in his case. The term flower run is just another jargon term for flower delivery service which is tailored to each floral business.

What are seasonal flowers?

Have you ever noticed that in nature some plants flower at particular times of the year? Probably not, but I thought I might mention it anyway. Seasonal flowers are just that, flowers that grow in a specific season across our beautiful country known as Australia. Each state has their own specific flowers but in general most flowers are grown in the cooler climates or climate controlled houses as it is optimal for the production of long lasting flowers.

Supporting local growers

Depending on exactly where you live in Australia will determine the variety of flowers available to your florist on a local level. Some flowers are just not grown in tropical Queensland. Flowers not grown in your state can be sourced from a grower in a cooler state by a wholesaler. You will always find people who want cool climate cottage roses over the tropical flowers grown in their own state and vice-versa. This is not generally an issue as Australia provides a broad range of climates making flowers easily accessible by freight. For me personally, I think that buying local is buying within our shores and I try to support local business to the best of my ability.

How will this affect your back pocket

Well hopefully you will get a bit more bang for your buck, but it does really depend on which flowers you or your florist is choosing. Not all flowers are priced equally, so just because it is in season does not make it the cheaper option. A lot of flowers are expensive to grow and then there are peak days such as Valentine’s Day and Xmas time which see a lot of seasonal flowers such as roses and lilies in high demand. But overall the seasonal flowers are definitely a more cost effective option.

The impact on the environment

Australia has very good growing standards and we produce the majority of our flowers on our own soil. The reason it benefits the environment to buy flowers that are in season is because many of the flower producers will have to induce an artificial environment to force the flowers to grow out of season. This requires a significantly larger proportion of energy usage compared to growing the flowers in their normal climatic environment. So think local and seasonal. You can’t go wrong.