Breaking Valentine's Day Tradition

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Nothing says Valentine’s Day like 12 dozen red roses wrapped in lots of red and white paper and a big ribbon. But is it what she really wants?

You have been dating for 5 minutes

You’re probably thinking I will just get her roses, that is a sure fire winner. Why not indulge her in a beautiful Phalaenopsis orchid which will last for up to 3 weeks if cared for properly. This will ensure you are in her thoughts every time she sees it.

Not another red rose

Roses are in high demand during valentine’s day which means you have to get in quickly. Try breaking from the traditional red rose and opt for a beautiful cottage or David Austin rose. They smell amazing, this will delight her senses. Also supporting the local growers of Australia.

Less is more

When it comes to selecting a bunch of blooms sometimes less is more. I am talking about buying a bunch of flowers that may only contain a few varieties on mass. Instead of a bunch that has a wide variety of flowers. It can look more sophisticated and elegant to keep it simply.

Her favourite things

You do not always have to buy red flowers, even though this tends to be the colour associated with love. Have a think about what she likes to wear, what is her favourite lipstick colour or jewellery. These can be great clues as to what are her favourite colours. It is easy to find a flower that is a representation of her favourite things.

Keeping it personal

Ladies love having their flowers delivered to their place of work. Nothing is better than showing the other staff members that your main squeeze appreciates you enough to have pre-ordered your flowers. To think he was actually thinking about you enough to get organised is more romantic than the gift itself. Be a little extra romantic and maybe deliver the flowers her yourself!

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