"Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair..." ~ Susan Polis Schutz


Xavier Nicolle floral design studio is based on the Gold Coast, Queensland. We have a love for nature and you will often find us out in the bush somewhere foraging for key elements to bring your flowers closer to their surroundings. We look to the seasons to produce for us an abundance of blooms and foliage's that are perfect for us to create a unique design that will bring your wedding vision to life.
Floral Designer


“The art of being creative has always made me feel alive”

It has been some time since I spread seeds of cornflower and lambs ear in a patch of earth that I called my garden in North-west Tasmania.

By age 12 I was growing and selling flowers to the local florist down the road. I was forever dreaming up plans of being a florist and researching what I could grow next. I had found my medium and it was flowers.

Trying to break into the flower industry in Tasmania was not easy, I found myself working in vineyards and flower farms across Northern Tasmania instead. These opportunities gave me an in depth knowledge of how to grow and pick flowers.

I finally landed myself a job as a florist and eight years later I still get butterflies when I get to create something that pushes my boundaries. After living in Tasmania for most of my life it was time for a sea change, so we packed up the three kids and dog and moved to sunny Queensland.

Xavier Nicolle was an easy choice for my studio name. My dad thought it was fitting to name his daughter “Xavier” back in the 80’s, not a common name for girls and still isn't. Many years later I married a man whose ancestors came from the island of Jersey off the coast of France. That was as close to being french as I was ever going to get. So with my love of flowers and all things green and a great French name to boot, I opened my Floral Design Studio on the Gold Coast.