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I was in a French dream

She really was a vision of beauty amongst the old world charm of Vieille Branche. .


Romance under the flower cloud

“As I look up, I dream of flowers floating above me while I graze into the eyes of my beloved”


The flower girl who was a tween!

Her long blonde hair, soft white skin and sparkling blue eyes were perfect, she secretly dreams of being the perfect little flower girl. But she was older now, a tween..


Why women need a creative outlet to survive

Hustle, hustle, embrace the grind and don’t forget to relax whilst achieving all those goals. These are the all too common quotes popping up in your Instagram and Facebook feeds. But are we not in the era of only doing tasks that fulfil the soul? Seriously, who has time to embrace their creative side when the candle is being burnt at both ends?.

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